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Adjustable Air Conditioning Wind Deflector Air Vent Deflector For Ac Window Unit No Installation Required Air Conditioner
  1. Directional Wind Guide: The adjustable air conditioner wings can directional guide the wind, avoid direct blowing of the air conditioner, effectively ch-ange the wind direction, let the cold air slowly settle from top to bottom, and give you a more comfortable experience.
  2. 180° Adjustment: The adjustable air conditioner wings have a function of multi-angle adjustment, the wind direction can be adjusted at will, and the appropriate wind direction can be adjusted according to seasonal ch-anges, making life more comfortable.
  3. Dense Hole Design: The fine air guide holes do not block the signal and prevent condensation. The dense hole structure design reduces the loss caused by the air guide.
  4. Hole-free Installation: The adjustable air conditioner wings can be installed insecond, h-ang up and use, with no punching and no sticking, zero damage and zero difficulties.
  5. High-quality Raw Materials: The multi-functional adjustable air conditioner wings are made of healthy and environmentally friendly PP material, and family members can use it with confidence.


Product Description:

The multifunctional air conditioner wind deflector is made of high-quality PP material, which is not only windproof but also wear-resistant and durable. We provide you with 3 styles of air-conditioning anti-straight-out windshields for summer style, astronaut and po-lar bear, each of which is unique, you can choose according to your own preferences.

  1. Features:
    Product Name: Multifunctional adjustable air conditioner wings
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Air Conditioner Deflector