Cooking Lunch Box_3 Layers 2L Portable Electric Lunch Box

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3 Layers Electric Lunch Box, 2L Portable Electric Heating Lunch Box

Product Details

  • * Made of high quality Food-grade Polypropylene(PP)material,high temperature resistant, and non-toxic.
  • * Automatic power-off protection,when there is no water in the base, it will automatic power off, more secure.
  • * 360°Steam heating technology,narrowing the scope of water is heated, to guarantee the food heated evenly, make food more delicious.
  • * Double silicone ring,sealing and retain freshness.
  • * The lunch warmer is very convenient to take your meal with you. And the waterproof design of the plug port can keep it from the water while not heating, very safe.


Eight exhaust holes, heat circulation

There are eight vent holes on the edge of the food box to promote the all-round heating of water vapor, so that the airflow in the lunch box is unobstructed, the food is heated evenly and quickly, and at the same time, it releases the maximum flavor and nutrition

  • Made of TOP GRADE stainless steel
  • More corrosion resistance, impact resistance
  • Easy to clean and can be used for a long time.


Name: Electric lunch box

Material: Stainless steel + Food-grade Polypropylene(PP)

Capacity: 2L

Size:23 x 18cm

Layer number: 3 layer

Rated voltage: 110V

Rated power: 200W

  • Package Included:
  • Portable lunch box
  • 2L bowls(1.0L+0.7L+0.3L)
  • Steamed egg rack
  • Measuring cup
  • Power line
  • Manual

Let’s take a look at the menu of electric lunch boxes

1. Cook rice and heat up food.Cook egg custard or boil eggs.

2. Cook porridge. Such as preserved egg and lean meat porridge, mushroom chicken

3. Steam dumplings, steamed buns, buns, corn, sweet potatoes and other coarse grains

4. Soup. Rib soup, chicken soup, mutton soup, fish soup, etc.

5. Boil Syrup. Papaya Tremella Syrup, Lotus Seed Lily Tremella Soup







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Cooking Lunch Box_3 Layers 2L Portable Electric Lunch Box