Decompression Intelligent Induction Type Corrector

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Smart posture corrector intelligent induction type corrector is an innovative tool to correct wrong body position, relieve neck, back and back pain. Suitable for children and adults, designed for weight 15-95 kg. If the back is bent at 25 degrees or more, the vibration signal is activated. Thanks to convenient belts made of elastic and breathable material, the intelligent induction corrector is easily adjustable. The position of the switch allows you to independently turn on and off the device. Corrector is recommended to wear at least 2 hours a day.

The procedure of correction of the posture is quite difficult, takes a long time and requires a persistent process:

21 days will need to create an addictive to the correct posture;

90 days-the period of formation of a stable habit.

Good battery performance 500 mAh provides lithium. The battery after just 2 hours of charging is used for 15 days later. Charging is made with a USB cable. Determine the level of charge will help the indicator: Red-the current level of charging, blue-the end of recharging.

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Decompression Intelligent Induction Type Corrector