Hose Pipe Connector

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4 Pcs Brass Hose Pipe Fitting Set/Garden Tap Hosepipe Quick Connectors & spray nozzle

About this item

Durable brass hose pipe fitting set, suitable for garden taps and most main brands. Adjustable head nozzle to control water flow and pressure. Perfect as an upgrade to cheap plastic fittings, or as a replacement for weathered sets.
    • Solid brass hose fittings compatible with main brands, for either plastic or brass
    • Includes adjustable head nozzle, Aquastop connectors for quick connections to 12.5 – 15mm hoses
    • Outdoor threaded tap connector with adapter for old style taps and hose end connectors
    • Perfect for use as a replacement or an upgrade, ready for garden watering, car cleaning etc
    • 1 x ½” – ¾” Tap Adaptor, 1 x ½” Hose Connector, 1 x ½” Hose Connector with Stop, 1 x 4” Brass Adjustable Nozzle
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Hose Pipe Connector