Niteen Handheld Steam iron

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Easily irons out all wrinkles, steam is sprayed evenly to absorb and moisten each fabric, making it easier to iron wrinkles on clothes.


Hand held steam iron

+ The design of the iron in the form of a handheld is very neat, the machine is only 17cm long and weighs 400g.

+ Move comfortably, ironing blankets, clothes, fabrics in any position: sitting, standing or hanging, moreover extremely convenient when traveling, taking up less space

+ Round front design: 360° ironing without dead angle, it can iron collar buttons accurately and easily.

+ Heating ceramic plate: Electric irons control the temperature more accurately, care for the clothes, and do not harm the clothes when ironing. Wrinkle removal effect: enjoy.

+ The iron is designed with new generation fast heating technology.

+ After only 20 seconds of turning on the machine, the temperature will increase to 98 degrees.

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Niteen Handheld Steam iron

৳ 1,050.00