Toilet Cleaning Gel

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Toilet Cleaner Gel Plastic Flower Gel Needle Cleaner Fragrance Toilet Deodorant Bathroom Toilet Cleaning Tool


Eliminate odor

easy-to-use automatic cleaning

environmental protection without poison … aromatic deodorant

beautiful long fragrance shape


Material: plastic + gel

Color: red / yellow / green / blue

Size: 7.5x5x11 cm

Weight: about 120g

Graphite Crucible Mini Gold Furnace Metal Melting Torch:

1 bath gel deodorant


The instructions

1. Put the gel tube on the handle and hear a clear “beep” sound, which is the installation

2. Open the small cover on the front end of the bath gel tube

3 place the gel sleeve near the toilet wall (the toilet wall needs to be cleaned first), press the protrusion on the handle, push forward, the toilet gel will stick to the wall of the toilet.

4. Put a small cover on the back and put it back in the box

5. It is recommended to use the summer after cold storage, the flower pattern is more beautiful

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